The Social Justice Center Working Group (SJCWG)

The Social Justice Centre Working Group

The Social Justice Movement is a network of Social Justice Warriors around the country who have come together to agitate for Social Justice,Equity and dignity for all. The Social Justice centers have existed since 2014 when the first center was formed in Mathare, and after a steady growth in other areas a need arose to combine efforts thus the Social Justice Centers Working Group was formed.

The Working Group was a deliberate endeavor in fine tuning diverse voices to speak in one accord and in 2017 during the Saba Saba March For our Lives in the historic Kamkunji grounds, the leadership of the Working Group was commissioned. From that momentous occasion the push for a Social Justice Nation has been in motion with the movement growing rapidly across Kenya.

The Social Justice Centers Working Group acts as a platform of consolidating the efforts from different parts of the country with a goal to pursue a democratic state founded on social justice.

Our Vision

A Social Justice Nation

Our Mission


Organize mentorship programs and
the youth in activities and dialogues against crime


Give civil education to the youth and empower the communities to advocate for their own justice and human rights


We have been able to tell stories and advocate for change through Arts for Social Justice.

Any Police Brutality or Extra Judicial Killing?

You can anonymously report an extra Judicial Killing or Police Brutality.


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